Become An Affiliate

We go into communities when invited by those who can marshal the support and resources to successfully implement our model. 

Our primary customers are health care organizations, large employers and qualified leaders in communities prepared to tailor and implement the Face It TOGETHER model.

These leaders have the relationships, skills and passion to apply the tools of entrepreneurship to enlist the right partners and mobilize stakeholders.

If you're interested in establishing a Face It TOGETHER Affiliate, this section describes the benefits, formation process and what it takes to be successful. 

Our Affiliates bring our mission come to life. Our national headquarters, in Sioux Falls, SD, establishes general standards and practices, provides tools and resources and keeps organization-wide data to drive our practices in the future.  But our Affiliates are the lifeblood of our work: they make change happen in a community. 

Contact us to learn more about becoming a Face It TOGETHER Affiliate.