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We help providers improve their addiction care and reduce costs.

Powerful forces are driving change in today’s health care sector.  One is the need to prepare for reimbursement that rewards better outcomes. Another is the creation of chronic disease-focused care delivery models. 

Today, in most healthcare settings, addiction is treated episodically in an acute care model. This leads to enormous costs and inefficiencies.

We partner with health care providers of all types to help them improve their addiction care.


Addiction Chronic Care Model

Our Addiction Chronic Care Model (ACCM) is designed to bring best practices in addiction support to healthcare providers.  We work with partners to integrate the ACCM into a variety of healthcare settings, including primary care clinics, emergency departments, and behavioral health practices. 

We help you:

  • Substantially improve your ability to identify, assess and evaluate patients
  • Connect and navigate patients to the right care
  • Provide patient-centered, team-based care to individuals suffering from addiction
  • Strengthen addiction management protocols
  • Provide quality peer coaching support for navigation and linkage to community resources
  • Provide long-term remote (technology enabled) peer coaching
  • Capture data and report outcomes

We help health care partners better control the cost of delivering care at the clinic and inpatient levels, improve provider productivity and strengthen quality of addiction care.

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