AXIS Digital Platform

Powering Effective Addiction Support

AXIS is our integrated addiction support platform for data capture, outcomes measurement and communications. It helps extend client engagement and keep them well.

Designed specifically for use by peer recovery coaches, AXIS is leading-edge digital technology that empowers the care team to provide quality, continuous peer support for addiction.

Powered by Welkin Health, the web-based platform helps trained recovery coaches focus on the individual care needs of the clients they serve:

  • Streamlines workflow. Intuitively organizes workflow for peer coaches to make providing care easier and more effective. 

  • Facilitates engagement. Allows clients to communicate with their recovery coach or care team in the way most convenient to them (smartphone, text, email, etc). 

  • Tracks interactions and captures data. Automatically tracks and records all client interactions to centralize communication and capture data. 

  • Reports outcomes. Tools and reporting for quick review and analysis of what’s working to help clients improve their wellness. 

  • HIPAA compliant. Fully HIPAA compliant and built to be interoperable with other systems (e.g., Electronic Health Records), pulling in data to inform support plans, care coordination and other services. 

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